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Relics That Have Been Left To Rust Away

This book brings stories of the subjects in the photos back to life, giving you a glimpse into the days they lived. You will see remains of events long since faded into history. This is intended to record what some day will only be history. I’ve included a few events of today and personal stories. The main setting of events are along

windmill on route 66

This windmill and old rock house can tell lots of good stories.

what remains of “Old Route 66.” A large number of events are along the highways and by-ways of Route 66. Included are photos of things that once were a part of “66″ territory but are no longer there. The writer and the main contributor, my wife, both grew up along side “66″ in different places but within 90 miles of each other. Except for a 3 year period, we attended the same high school on Route 66 at San Jon, New Mexico. We lived 12 miles apart at that time, between 1951 and 1952.

The way I developed the idea to present this format of old tractors, trucks, cars, windmills and other relics, was as I traveled old “66″ and its highways and byways, I was seeing these old relics along the way. Then I began thinking, these guys have stories to tell! I began listening to them through my eyes, I started taking their pictures, listening to their stories and began putting it all together.

This old truck is a sample of what you will be seeing, as you listen to stories, hear them talk, and see their expressions in the photos and captions.

As you purchase this book you will be purchasing what will never be again, as some of these relics have already disappeared.

-Gene Duke, Author of the book.

Reading ages for this book – seven to one hundred seven!

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